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Take a quick look at the statements below - then consider talking to us.  

All Grease or Oil is the same it's just the price that matters

Understandable but not true  - Choosing the correct lubricants for the environment machinery works within is of critical importance to every preventative maintenance aware company. Variables such as high and low temperatures, pressure, dust and dirt, shock loading, chemicals, water washout, vibration etc. can cause premature failure and lost production amounting to huge losses in both time and monetary terms. Our extensive range of High performance food grade and industrial lubricating oils, greases and aerosols ensure maximum productivity and greatly extended lubrication change intervals - reducing downtime, increasing productivity and saving our customers money.

Multi-purpose grease does everything

Understandable but not true - Multipurpose Ep greases generally fall short of even the most basic performance requirements when used in modern machinery operating under the extreme conditions found in thousands of food plants and industrial applications.  

If it's working OK as it is, don't change things

Understandable but risky  -- True preventative maintenance is an ever changing and evolving condition don't let lubricants be the weak link in the chain supporting your productivity and machinery reliability. Advances in productivity and the speed that machinery operates at have, in recent years, exposed even more the short-comings of many existing lubricants.


Remove the uncertainty from keeping up to date with the latest lubricants technologies, contact us now and speak to a trained lubricants specialist who can offer advice, answer questions and make recommendations based on years of experience  - finally you will be in the position to make choices based on fact, not sales and marketing talk.

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