FF101 - Clear Penetrating Oil

Unique fast acting penetrating formula which lubricates and releases seized components.

FF102 - Graphite Penetrating Oil

Formulated to penetrate inaccessible areas, depositing a graphite film for easier subsequent dismantling.

FF103 - Multi-Lube
For use on electrical equipment to prevent short circuits due to moisture. Frees seized metal components and provides light lubrication and protection for exposed metals.

FF104 - Oil-In-One
A clear high quality multi-purpose fine machine oil. For use on hinges, printing machinery, office equipment, cars, locks and many other applications. Convenient and clean, the ideal replacement to the outdated oil can.

FF106 - Hi-Glide Non Silicone
Designed for use where silicone is unsuitable i.e. injection moulding, furniture manufacturing, print areas, car spray booths etc.

FF107 - Easi-Cut Cutting & Tapping Fluid
Suitable for drilling, tapping and cutting of most metals, FF107 offers superb results in the workshop and on site.

FF108 - Viscous Gear Lube
A tenacious open gear lubricant that clings to vertical surfaces. Superb performance on telescopic slides and pads, exposed gears, chains etc.

FF109 - Copper Lube
Contains high copper content to prevent galling, corrosion and seizure. Working temperature range in excess of 600C+. Excellent product for exhaust flange studs, heavy duty wheel nuts and boiler doors. Makes dismantling much easier and helps reduce expensive machinery downtime.

FF111 - MOS2 Chain and Wire Rope Lube
A unique two stage formula which expels from the can as a light grade oil, penetrates to all areas requiring lubricant, then transforms into a viscous MOS2 rich grease.

FF113 - Electro Clean
Electro clean is a highly effective solvent cleaner and degreaser for use on a wide variety of electrical and mechnical equipment, precision instruments, office machinery and tools.

FF114 - Cold Galvanising Spray
Designed for use where welding, drilling, cutting and grinding has broken through galvanised surfaces.

FF115 - Linemarker
Particularly suited to use on golf courses, playing fields, school playgrounds etc. FF115 is the best choice for anyone requiring a durable high quality linemarker, in any industrial application.

FF120 - Swipe
A powerful degreaser which rapidly removes grease and dirt from a variety of hard surfaces. E.G. floors, walls, kitchens and food plant machinery. FF120 disperses and dissolves fats, blood stains and shortenings in food processing/catering. Controlled foam for scrubbing, wall washing or even pressure washing. Highly concentrated, may be diluted up to 200:1 for light cleaning and 40:1 for heavy soiling. Fully biodegradable.

FF121 - Stainless Steel Cleaner
For use on most stainless steel surfaces including a wide range of food processing equipment. The cleaner forms a protective film that prevents staining and water marks.

FF123 - Klean & Klear
Designed specifically for industrial use, this product quickly and efficiently cleans windscreens, face shields, machinery guards, display cabinets, mirrors and most glass and plastic surfaces

FF124 - Heavy Duty PBL 2.5
The ideal product for pins and bushes, king pins and plain bearings, where metal to metal contact must be avoided. Heavy duty PBL 2.5 is also extremely water resistant.

FF127 - Rust Protector
A long term protective wax film for protection of all metal parts, moulds, tools and components.

FF128 - Super Blue High Temperature Grease
Specially formulated to provide excellent high temperature performance. Super Blue possesses Ep (Extreme Pressure) load carrying properties and has enhanced resistance to oxidation, corrosion and wear. It has significantly longer life than conventional lithium soap enhanced greases when used at temperatures around 120°C Useable temperature range -30°C to +200°C (+220°C for short bursts)

FF129 - White Lithium Grease
Can be used as a general-purpose lubricant to protect and waterproof components. It can be used on tail lifts, tail gates, lifting mechanisms, hinges, roller conveyors, pivots and coupling, linkages and threads, boatyards, garages and general manufacturing industry.

FF130 - MOS2 Dry Film
A polymer bonded coating which, unlike conventional MOS2 sprays, is completely clean to touch.

FF131 - Syn-Temp Chain Lube
Synthetic chain fluid containing a unique anti-oxidant package and corrosion resistant additives, FF131 was designed for use on bakery oven chains and has also found use within the textile industry on stenter/tenter chains.

FF132 - 50 Centi-Stoke Silicone Oil
A straw coloured thermally stable, non-carbonising synthetic oil for use as an heat exchange oil, specifically in extruders, tool heaters and calendar rollers within the plastics industry.

FF133 - Solvent Degreaser/Brake Cleaner
Solvent degreaser/brake cleaner is a dual purpose sovent, designed for removal of surface dust, grease and oil from brake pads, clutch pads and metal components in all automotive and engineering uses. Rapid drying ensures that components can be returned to servce immediately.

FF134 - Orangel Hand Cleaner
Suitable for use in all engineering work-shops, vehicle repairers, factories etc. wherever hands are soiled with industrial grime and grease.

FF135 - Barrier Cream
This Barrier Cream is a general-purpose product for the use in a wide spectrum of industry, from garages and workshops to food processing plant, quarries and textile mills.

FF136 - Solvall Heavy Duty Degreaser
Ideal for cleaning industrial machinery, components and engines. Safe on most plastics, although some rubber may be adversely affected. May be diluted for extra economy in use.

FF137 - Super Cut
A classic cutting fluid, FF137 offers all round performance and extended tool life. Suitable for total loss or short sump life applications/

FF137A - Ultra-Cut
Ultra high performance cutting fluid, which requires no Health and Safety labelling. FF137A regularly offers a four-fold increase in sump life over conventional fluids, although even greater improvements are common. 5-20% dilution rates.

FF138 - Solvent Cleaner Plus
For engineering, automotive and industrial uses. FF138 cleans effectively and dries fast, allowing parts to be quickly returned to service.

FF141 - Ter-affic 8x Vehicle Wash
1 drum of super concentrated caustic-free cleaner makes 205 litres of ready to use chemical, which will not damage paintwork on vehicles.

FF142 - PTFE Lubricant - Dry
A dry, silicone free coating incorporating lamellar polytetrafluorethylene for excellent lubrication.

FF144 - Instant Gasket
All purpose instant gasket provides a permanent, flexible, high strength liquid-proof seal.

FF145 - Back Lapping Gel
Easily identifiable by its blue colouring, FF145 is available in 80 grit for fairway mowers and 120 grit for finishing greens. Probably the best back-lapping compound available.

FF146 - High Performance Diff Oil
High performance diff. oil employs specialised components which maintain a vital lubricant film to protect equipment in the first critical seconds of start-up when most wear occurs.

FF147 - Ultra High Performance Gear Oil
Exceeds the performance limitations associated with "standard" gear oils. Superb gearbox lubrication and greatly extended lubricant life.

FF148 - Aluminium Stainless Steel Cleaner
A safe effective cleaner and brightener of aluminium. Use in kettles, urns or anywhere effective de-scaling of metal surfaces is required.

FF149 - Extra Life Copper Anti-Seize
Uniquely formulated to provide superb resistance to galling and seizure caused by corrosion and/or temperature. FF149 offers excellent performance in even the most arduous of working conditions.

FF150 - Auto Chassis Semi-Fluid Grease
Suitable for use in automatic systems where especially soft grease is needed

FF151 - Rust Terminator
Specially formulated to convert the oxides in rust into an inert, stable compound ideal for over painting etc. Its mild acidic action terminates the advancement of rust on metals and metallic parts.

FF153 - Low Temperature Bearing Grease
Grease specifically designed for low temperature or high-speed applications. Can be used in all types of anti-friction bearings.

FF154 - Invisible Gloves
Offering full protection from harsh industrial contaminates, FF154 simply washes off with clean water after work. All traces of grease, grime, ink, paint, chemicals etc. are entirely removed without the need for heavy duty hand cleaning agents.

FF155 - Concrete Remover
Powerful acidic cleaner for concrete and cement surfaces. Also suitable for removal of cement residues from tools, plant and equipment.

FF160 - Hand Cleaning Soap (Concentrate)
A concentrated gel hand cleaning soap, designed for the use with pump type dispensers

FF164 - Greensafe Hydraulic Oil
Greensafe will not attack hydraulic hoses or gaskets therefore reducing the risk of leaks. In the event of a spillage grass kill will be avoided, even if oil is hot, provided the area is well flushed with clean water.

FF166 - Silicone Grease
Silicone Grease is a water repellent, non-melting silicone grease lubricant. In addition to its dielectric advantages, Silicone Grease is also used to lubricate plastic and polythene water pipes and other fluid pipe work during assembly.

FF168 - 5th Wheel Grease
Designed specifically for fifth wheel lubrication, FF168 provides superb protection and economy in use.

FF178 - Ultra High Temp 600
Fully synthetic high temperature lubricant for use in friction and plain bearings operating at exceptionally high temperatures. The base oil in FF178 evaporates cleanly at temperatures over 300°C allowing the solid lubricants to continue protecting the bearing without any carbon residue build-up to cause excessive wear.

FF179 - MOS2 Complex
A specially developed lubricant for applications where the grease is required to cope with more arduous conditions, such as high loads, shock loading, wet and temperature extremes

FF180 - Extra Life (Multi Complex) Grease
The most up to date additive package in a multi-complex thickener allows FF180 to outlast conventional greases up to 8 times over, in heavily loaded applications. This very stable product is easily pumped and suitable for use in both anti-friction (roller bearings) and plain bearings (slides etc).

FF181 - MOS2 Wirerope Fluid
Fluid wire rope lubricant designed to meet the lubrication and corrosion prevention requirements of wire ropes working under all conditions.

FF182 - MOS2 Wirerope Lube
This is a semi-fluid wire rope lubricant designed to meet the lubrication and corrosion prevention requirements of wire ropes working under all conditions

FF184 - Open Gear Grease
Specially developed for the lubrication of all types and sizes of open gears, including spur, helical and bevel drive gears that are subjected to extreme loads, high working temperatures and saturated conditions

FF185 - Waterproof 2 Grease
A premium quality long life grease for use in all anti-friction and plain bearings subjected to high load and extreme water or even saturated operating conditions

FF186 - High Temperature Chain Oil
Specifically designed to operate at extremely high temperatures associated with applications such as conveyor chains on paint stoving lines, bakery ovens and textile stentor/tenter machines

FF190 - Synthetic High Temp 2
A premium quality high temperature grease for plain and anti-friction bearings, designed to withstand high temperatures over extended periods without leaving dry residues

FF192 - 90% Zinc Rich Primer
This rich in Zinc phosphate spray provides a superb base for over coating with most finishes. FF192 offers added protection against corrosion when used in conjunction with FF114.

FF193 - MOS2 Complex
Designed for use on C.V. joints and other heavily loaded applications in dusty dirty environments. FF193 offers excellent performance in rock hammers, yet may still be used to lubricate heavily anti-friction bearings in slow moving applications.

A highly efficient versatile and effective lubricant/penetrating product, which incorporates the latest anti-friction/anti-wear technology, ceramic reinforced PTFE. Providing the ultimate in lubricating performance in any industrial environment, from heavy plant to golf courses. The Mutts Nuts rapidly combats moisture and corrosion, leaving a clean and lubricated surface. Use as a lubricant on chains, slides and guides, small bearings etc. and as a superb release agent for even heavily corroded and/or seized components. Highly recommended for off shore oil and marine applications. 

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