Food Lubricant Registration 


We are registered with both INS and NSF non food certification programmes, the only internationally recognised independent authorities for testing and accreditation of lubricants for use in food production premises. 

To request registration documents, MSDS or Data Sheets please contact us at; 

You can also view the complete list of Maintenance Direct products that are registered on the INS and NSF websites. To ensure compliance during any audit each individual product must carry it's own registration number. Simply using a product which states Food Safe on the label is no guarantee, as many unscrupulous companies make misleading and/or false claims while having none or only a few of their products registered. We strongly advise that customers make sure every product is fully registered, has the appropriate registration documents and currently appears listed correctly on the INS or NSF websites. Examples of INS and NSF registration documents.   

  • All INS registered products are listed at
  • All NSF registered products are listed at
  • INS & NSF programs are a continuation of the USDA H1, 3H program.
  • Only FDA listed ingredients are used in the appropriate proportions.

  • All products are FREE from genetically modified ingredients.

  • All products are FREE from nut and nut derived ingredients.

  • Excellent lubricating performance across the range

  • A complete range covering all applications

For too long maintenance engineers have had to trade off lubrication performance to ensure food safety compliance. The situation is now resolved with the introduction of the Maintenance Direct complete range of Ultra High performance food lubricants, increased machinery life and reduced downtime, aligned with Food Safety, are the new standard.

If you have have any queries regarding the registration of food lubricants please contact ourselves, INS Services or NSF non food compounds.