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bdx bulldog, lubrication sprayBDX bulldog lubricant spray
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mds lubrication suppliesMDS lubricant supplies

Manufacturing Industry Testimonial

Applications: Releasing and lubricating parts on machinery

Task: Releasing motor couplings, preventing seizing & protecting from corrosion.


“We have a double grinder clay mill which grades and mills the clay ready to make bricks from. It has twin electric motors and number 2 motor needed to come off to be changed.

When we went to remove it the coupling which attaches the motor to the machine it was completely seized on. We tried everything to get it off, heat, pullers, brute force etc. and nothing. So we gave it a squirt of BDX top and bottom and left it overnight. Next morning we gave it a light tap and off it came. It just doesn’t get any better does it!”

David Meredith – Forterra Building Products

mds lubricant supplies

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