about mds lubricants

MDS Europe have been a leading authority in the Lubricant industry for over 20 years. Priding ourselves in developing and delivering ground breaking products that provide the pinnacle of protection, performance and reliability to our customers through a highly skilled team of specialists with over 100 years of combined experience.

Working within extreme environments, has driven us to develop a range of products that perform outstandingly under the most demanding conditions. This allows maintenance engineers, fitters and machinery operators to substantially reduce, or in many cases eliminate, costly unscheduled maintenance downtime. We have been particularly successful within aggressive environments including extremes of temperature, wet/ chemical rich, high load, food safe, dusty, abrasive and corrosive conditions. Industries as diverse as heavy construction, food production, farming, manufacturing, fishing, leisure, oil exploration and transport have all benefited in terms of improved productivity, profitability and efficiency from the use of MDS Europe products.

We supply a comprehensive range of lubricants & releasants, backed up by a team of experts who will specify the correct product solutions for your needs. These will help improve your business through increased reliability, reduced down time and critically, safeguarding you from loss of production.

What makes us an authority in the lubricant sector?

Firstly, as a privately-owned specialist provider of lubricants, releasants and associated products, we have overcome every challenge our industry could be faced with. Being aware of the need for improved specialized formulations. Secondly, by responding to our customers needs and requirements we have consistently improved our product range and performance. This constant drive to improve has led us to a number of worlds firsts in lubricant innovations. Key to our product development process is partnership with our customers in terms of feedback and customer education.

What sectors do we serve?

Over the past 20 years we have had the privilege to serve every business sector imaginable, including, but not limited to:-




Heavy construction



Agri & Farming

Leisure & Sport

Metal fabrication

Hobby enthusiasts & DIY

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