Transport lubrication

Agriculture & Farming

Due to a combination of different machinery types operating in dusty, dirty, wet, highly loaded environments, high and low speed applications and even the necessity of food safe lubrication. Agriculture and Farming machinery requires a wide range of lubrication solutions unlike any other industry. It is essential that the lubricant supplier understands the unique difficulties faced by agricultural engineers and helps ensure that the cost of life of the plant machinery is optimised. In these circumstances the low cost option will almost always turn out to be more expensive.

Understanding the unique difficulties faced by agricultural engineers and those involved in farming is our speciality, with decades of experience our technical advisors ensure that they fully discuss each potential application in depth before making a recommendation.

As an example, many companies will recommend a multi-purpose/Ep2 type grease for almost every application in the hope that it will perform in all areas. However, a multi-purpose grease can cause problems in high-speed bearings that rotate at several thousand revolutions per minute, these may require a grease with a lower viscosity oil base than that which is used for slower, more highly loaded bearings.Multipurpose greases also offer potential drawbacks in slow heavily loaded bearings as the slow rotation and the relatively slow speed of the moving element (this may be a pin and bush or a rolling element bearing) is not fast enough to create a separating film of oil between the two surfaces.

When the speed of movement is very low a lubricating film cannot be created by the oil, regardless of the viscosity.Under this speed the additive package or the extreme pressure (EP) properties of the grease becomes very important. It is often recommended that solid lubricants that provide “barrier lubrication” such as Mos2 additives, graphite additives or Teflon additives be used to provide anti-wear protection and to prevent metal-to-metal contact.

Our extremely experienced technical advisors are always on hand to provide the appropriate advice and recommendations from our range of high-performance lubricants, specifically tailored to your unique requirements.