Our favourite powerboatGP racer Mr. Mike Pillow is back in action this year. Starting the action with the St. Helens race at Carr Mill Dam with the superb folks from Lancashire Powerboat Racing Club.

Our man came in with a very creditable 2nd.place. Here is hoping for 1 place better when we go again at Oulton Broads Lowestoft on May 26th/27th!

It’s great to have Mile onboard as a BDX Bulldog fan and MDS Europe are very proud to be a key part of the powerboats maintenance to ensure Mike remains at the top of his game!

“I use BDX at work and at home. In work I use it for penetrating and releasing a wide variety of things. We do a lot of caustic wash downs at work so a lot of the machinery gets very corroded and bolts etc get seized very badly.
At home I use it for many things but very much on my racing boat. In the last few weeks alone I have used it to remove spilt sealant from my carpets, as a lubricant to facilitate easy replacement of carburettor rubbers, to un-stick a seized brake calliper, allowed me to free up a linked 6″ pitch drive chain by applying small amounts to the joints as we can’t oil the chain due to the contamination risk and of course a liberal application over the engine and mechanical components of the boat before a winter lay-up. It’s better than anything I have used in the past and I intend to keep on using it. Great stuff.”

Mike Pillow. ABP engineer & powerboat racer

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