“Works where others fail”

Rarely do we see a genuine combination of innovation, technology and effectiveness enter the lubricants market in such a dynamic way that it is “a game changer”. BDX is one of those rare products that should really be called a tool as opposed to a lubricant!

BDX incorporates a finely tuned blend of the latest anti-friction/anti-wear technology incorporating ceramic reinforced PTFE and the latest additives to deliver outstanding performance values offering exceptionally low coefficient of friction and exceptional levels of wear protection in a wide operating temperature range (-40 to +280°C). BDX is non-toxic and odour free.

This unique combination of high performance & multi-functionality allows BDX to be the go to product that should be seen as a first option solution for most applications.

BDX bulldog, lubricant, wd 40
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Marine Engineering – Ship Building

Applications: Penetrate & release; removal of heavy corrosion on ships docked for repair/refurbishment

Task: Protection of many components on new vessels


“It does what it is supposed to do best. Penetrates and releases Our boys say it is very good. We even have requests for it to be stocked on board before delivery of vessels. When used as a protective coat on new ships components including brass hinges, clips and other fittings prior to delivery it keeps everything good until a vessel is delivered. Over the years we have tried WD40, DWF, Plus & Gas & others. Is BDX better? Yes. Absolutely, by far the best we have ever come across.“

William Morton & Paul Doherty – Parkol Marine Engineering