Lubrication supplies for fishing vessels

Fishing Industry

The fishing industry is one of the toughest and most dangerous in the world. It is essential to understand, prescribe and apply the correct lubricants that will comfortably stand up to the variety of conditions experienced. These include extreme temperatures, salt corrosion and challenging weather conditions that are continually changing. The specified lubricants must perform the entire time the vessel is at sea without any access to land-based facilities.

The fisheries industry is one of the toughest and most demanding in the world for both the people and the vessels and equipment involved. It is essential that fishing vessel operators, whether they have a single boat or a fleet, can rely on their lubricants supplier to understand, prescribe and recommend not only the correct type of lubricants, but also the best way to apply these products. Products supplied to this industry must comfortably stand up to the exceptionally harsh conditions experienced daily – including extreme temperatures, salt corrosion, load, dirt and challenging weather while at sea without any access to land-based facilities. Back in port regular maintenance and major overhauls must be supported by appropriate products that ensure reliability and prevent premature component failure.

Developed over decades MDS Europe’s unique range of high-performance lubricants (including food safe products for on board processing applications), corrosion prevention and removal treatments, and coatings, backed up by years of experience in providing support to active fishing vessels and trawler manufacturers, gives our fishing industry customers peace of mind regarding their vital preventative maintenance requirements.