food processing industry

Food Processing Industry

The food sector requires of lubricants all the essential protection against wear, load, vibration, corrosion, dust, extremes of temperature etc faced by other heavy industries, however, it also places additional demands on lubricants including resistance to aggressive wash down chemicals and of course safety.

MDS Europe Ltd have been a leading supplier of food safe lubricants for decades and over the years have introduced ground breaking new product ranges including the world’s first and to date only H1 registered, truly food safe, solvent degreaser, the worlds first 3H direct contact grease and 3H direct contact aerosol spray grease.

Our customers in the food industry have always benefitted and continue to benefit from our continuous product development programme which ensures they can meet the demands of reliability, production targets and stay ahead of the stringent safety requirements of their customers and the ever-evolving legislative requirements they face.

A key element in the successful partnership between our customers and our company is the unsurpassed product range, service and support which we provide as standard.