Golf Courses

Special attention must be given to the impact of wear and tear, sand, dirt, high bearing speeds and wet conditions. In lubrication terms golf courses are one of the most challenging environments we face. These challenges need to be met with the correct combination of products to ensure extended machinery life and increased reliability.

As with anything in life, you get what you pay for, by investing in machinery from a brand leader, you’re not only investing in superb performance but also a durable, robust design and build that means your machine will provide maximum productivity and reliability over the course of its lifetime. Proper repair and maintenance has a huge impact on ‘longevity’ – if you fail to correctly care for your machine, you will experience a decline in its performance and, ultimately, shorten its lifespan. The key to keeping your machine in good working order is using only quality lubricants that offer protection from the day to day wear and tear of regular use.
Though it may be tempting to settle for the cheapest lubricating oils, greases and aerosols to save a few pennies, most fail to meet the protection requirements of machinery, so you’ll likely need to replace parts and the machine itself earlier than planned.
Premature bearing failure caused by the ingress of dirt due to use of poor-quality lubricants instead of a quality grease is a prime example of this. So, if you’ve bought the best, make sure you keep it that way always insist on MDS Europe quality lubricants for your machinery’s care and your peace of mind.