Lubricants for the off shore industry

Marine & Offshore Industry

Operating in an offshore and/or marine environment takes reliability requirements to higher levels than almost any other industry – limited access to spare parts, replacement machinery and specialised workshops, whilst operating in exceptionally aggressive salt water conditions which promote corrosion and seizing of parts, generates a unique set of challenges to the maintenance engineer.

MDS Europe Ltd have responded to this challenge by producing a unique range of products specifically designed to extend lubrication intervals and combat the some of the most difficult working conditions on Earth.

From specialised greases and aerosols for in service lubrication to descaling fluids, rust neutralising and preventative coatings and chemicals which have proven to be extremely effective in the field.

Our many years of working with leading companies within offshore oil exploration, shipping and fishing industries means our customers can draw upon a depth of knowledge and experience ensuring that they can have total confidence in us as their chosen lubrication supply partner.