Transport lubrication

Public Transport Industry

Civil transportation in most cases involves fast moving and at times heavily loaded applications that call for lubricants which always ensure the proper function of bearings at any speeds, reducing friction and preventing premature failure of bearings.

Lubrication also protects against corrosion and contaminants that can cause damage to bearings and other wheel-end components. Correctly selected and applied lubricants will extend the useful life of bearings to their optimum range.

In particular, because of the critical role they play in wheel rotation, as well as the attachment of wheels to the vehicle, the structural integrity of wheel bearings is of huge importance to the safe operation of any vehicle. Bearing lubricants can help bearings endure different loads and act as a stabilizing agent for bearing structures.

The stabilizing effect of lubricants differs depending on whether grease, oil, or synthetic lubricants are used. End users rely on bearing lubricants to help reinforce the overall functionality and reliability of bearings.

The correct choice of Lubrication is one of the most important factors impacting the operation and longevity of wheel bearings, which is why it is so important to ensure the correct lubricant is specified and applied. Without effective lubrication, the potential for breakdowns increases dramatically.

Many companies use a multi-purpose/Ep2 type grease for almost every application. However, a multi-purpose grease can cause problems in high-speed bearings. Bearings that rotate at several thousand revolutions per minute may require a grease with a lower viscosity oil base than that which is used for slower, more highly loaded bearings. If a grease containing a high viscosity oil or even solid lubricants is used, viscous drag can occur, which may result in higher operating temperatures and increased torque requirements to turn the bearings.

As the temperature increases, grease can drain from the bearing quicker, which in turn can cause the bearing to fail due to high heat or lack of lubricant. It is therefore important to select a grease that provides the required viscosity and the appropriate additive package for every application. Our extremely experienced technical advisors are always on hand to provide the appropriate advice and recommendations from our range of specialised transport lubricants, specifically tailored to your unique requirements.