Transport lubrication


Working with recycling plants for many years, we have developed a range of products that have the ideal qualities required to perform effectively in this challenging sector. Recycling entails the use of many types machinery familiar in most heavy industries; including loading shovels, excavators and conveyors, these machines work alongside more industry specific machinery such as bailers, shredders and crushers.

The overall working environments may be varied, however almost invariably they are extremely harsh with load, vibration, wet and in some cases harsh chemicals to contend with. As with all heavy industry, it is essential to safeguard production from being plagued every day with breakdown and unscheduled maintenance down time, with waste arriving constantly, even a “quick fix” breakdown can cause extremely expensive delays and back-log.

Given the wide variety of machines and working conditions experienced within recycling facilities it is of the utmost importance that operators have access to the correct lubrication solutions and work in partnership with their lubricant supplier to ensure the most suitable product is used in each application. This is precisely where MDS Europe excels as a knowledgeable partner able to recommend and supply the ideal lubricant solutions quickly and reliably.