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BDX SMS Tug Towage Customer Testimonial

SMS towage have been working with MDS Europe for more than five years and using BDX for over four years. They invited us to pay them a visit and hear their feedback on our hero product, BDX Bulldog

BDX 4 ball Wear Scar Test

This one hour test demonstrates a lubricants anti-wear properties. BullDog BDX produced outstanding results that were almost undetectable by the naked eye. The wear scar was measured at an incredible 0.45mm. We also tried to test the best known ‘market leading’ multifunction product, that test attempt had to be abandoned after only 7 seconds due to excessive vibration and wear occurring.

BDX 4 Ball Weld Test

The weld test is run for 10 seconds at increasing loads/weights. If the ball bearings remain free at the end of the test, another test is run with new bearings at an incrementally increased weight.

Jimmy De Ville's Garage using BDX during his latest project

Barn Find Fergie. Episode 1. How To Remove The Head (Assisted by BDX)

In this episode, with the assistance of BULLDOG BDX, Jimmy and Gav start the Fergie’s strip down by showing how to remove the tractors head, enabling them to take their first look inside the engine.

Barn Find Fergie. Episode 2. How To Free Seized Pistons (Assisted by BDX)

In this episode, with the assistance of BULLDOG BDX, Jimmy and Gav go to war with the engine by showing how to remove siezed pistons. Will this engine run again?

Episode 3. How To Check Your Main Bearings and Housings (Assisted by BDX)

Watch Gav and Jimmy prepare to replace the pistons and liners in the tractors engine before discovering why it’s very important to check the main bearings and housings and before rebuilding an engine.

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"It just doesn't get any better..." - "It works so we use it" - "It works where other products don't by a mile" - " MotorCycle News Rated for Quality ☆☆☆☆☆ & Value ☆☆☆☆☆ " - "We use it everywhere now"

Fabrication & Engineering

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